Student Services

Welcome to Baseline's Student Services!

It is our objective to manage the success of our student body. We can access student files, to make accommodations for our student needs. We also monitor attendance. Studies show that attendance significantly influences student success, therefore we have high expectations for class attendance and participation. We try to find ways to motivate our students to achieve greatness; this may involve making changes to both thinking and behaviors, ultimately believing in themselves. We reiterate that your education is an investment in your future! More than anything else, your education will determine the kinds of choices and opportunities you are going to have in life!

If you have any questions or concerns about the success of your student, please feel free to contact Baseline’s Student Services.     

Isley West
Dean of Students
269-637-0530 x 2554

Christin McFadyen
School Counselor
269-637-0530 x 2519

Angela Marr
Student Services Secretary
269-637-0530 x 2500