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Ms. Geurink

Sarah Geurink 

I have had a unique journey of becoming a teacher in the idea that I have experienced most every levels of working in schools. I was a substitute teacher in Kentwood Public schools for half a year after graduating from GVSU in December of 2015 with a degree in Group Social Studies and English. Then I was hired as a paraprofessional in September of 2016 and stayed in that position for two years. During that time I worked hard to pass the teacher certification test and experience the Special Education side of learning which allowed me to grow so much as a person and educator. Next I worked as a long-term substitute in Spring Lake High school and finally ended up at Baseline Middle School in August of 2019.
Teaching history/social studies was my top choice since I believe that we can only improve the future if we learn from the past or our past mistakes to create a better world. I am a major bookworm so any book conversations/suggestions are always welcome as long as there are no spoilers if it's one I have not read.