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My sixth grade groups are reading Peter and the Starcatchers. This novel is a great companion read for Peter Pan which we read during the first semester. In addition to that, we are reading informational texts about pirates in preparation for their informational essay.

My seventh grade groups just completed I Have Lived a Thousand Years, a powerfully moving memoir by Holocaust survivor, Livia Bitton-Jackson. They have watched the documentary, "Paper Clips" about a middle school in Tennessee and how they not only learn about the Holocaust, but how they honor the victims and survivors. Throughout this time, my students have been researching various events of the Holocaust in preparation for their informational essay.


I apologize for the missing November update. With conferences (thank you for attending) and Thanksgiving, the month just got away from me!

The learning has still been in full swing. The seventh graders have finished reading their books in our five book groups and now are completing several activities to respond/share about the books. We've used paper and technology for the various activities. Ask your child about our book discussions on "todaysmeet" or "padlet". 

Also, in our seventh grade classes, we've been note taking on argumentative essays in preparation for writing an essay on the importance of being a tolerant person. This topic ties in with the books we read which all have a theme on tollerance.

The sixth graders are due to finish reading Peter Pan by the end of next week. (12/19) In addition, we continue to work in our poetry handbooks with a narrative poem as our goal perhaps by the end of January.

We are using more and more technology in the classroom. Has your child shared their blog with you? In an effort to model for my students I've even done a little blogging myself. http://missmaxwellreads.blogspot.com/

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             google classroom

Google Classroom is in full swing in Room 103. Ask your child about this new digital classroom. Great way to reduce paper use. Excellent tool for students to access assignments when they are absent.


We are three weeks into the school year and in full swing. The NWEA-MAP tests have been administered. I'll be giving students their results by Firday of this week, be sure to ask your child to see their report. (Email me if it doesn't make it home.)

We've been working on a Google Presentation (similar to PowerPoint) that covers a few objectives. Learning to work cooperatively in a small group. Learning to use various devices to complete the project. (e.g. iPads, Chromebooks, digital cameras, etc.) Improving our knowledge and use of Google Apps and getting to know our classmates a little better. I hope to be able to share a few of those presentations here on this site in the near future.

T is for Taco


It was wonderful to see so many of you at Open House last night! I can tell this is going to be a fantastic year. In an effort to make certain the information is getting to you I'll be posting things that I send home here on my web page as well. In case you missed the display or were unable to visit last night I did share that students will need a single subject spiral notebook, preferrably 80-100 pages. Also, it is very important that you sign and return the AUP (Appropriate Use Policy) for computer usage. I'm planning an activity over the first days that involves the students creating a presentation using our Chromebooks. 

Please plan to visit my page often. It is an excellent way for you to be informed as to what we are working on in room 103. 

         Room 103

Excited to fill the seats and begin reading, writing, sharing, and caring!

Boy is it quiet in the Blue Wing today! The year ended so quickly, and what a wonderful year it was. Thank you, parents and guardians, for sharing your children with me this year. I have one favor to ask. Since I won't be in your homes to hound them, would you please tell your children to read a little each day. 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week will make a world of difference to your child's future success. Surely that is a priority, right? Just keep in mind, the greater their success, the better they'll be able to care for you when that day arrives, long down the road from now, but it will arrive. :)

Have a wonderful and safe summer. See you at Open House, late August.

Novels are read, topical movies viewed. The sixth graders begin their camp experience with the first group heading out tomorrow. Back in the classroom we will be working on an interdisciplinary packet based on informational text passages about roller coasters. 

The seventh graders began their Tolerance Project today and will be hard at work on research and multimedia presentation creations for the next three weeks.

Both groups will continue reading in the class novels. We finished our unit on writing an argument paragraph. We will continue practicing how to cite our work and direct quotes within our "Daily Practice" time in class.

Since we last met students have completed their book groups in the seventh grade and Peter Pan in the sixth grade. Both grades are currently working on their argument writing essay. Additionally the sixth grade has begun reading Peter and the Starcatchers  and the seventh grade has begun I Have Lived a Thousand Years

The most exciting news from our classroom is the addition of 30 Chromebooks. Students use these daily for their journaling, note taking, research, and essay writing. While we are still in the honeymoon phase, I can definitely notice a reduction in the visiting with classmates as they are clicking away on the keys. 


Sixth Grade has finished reading Peter Pan and will be polishing their personal narratives this week. Using an app on the iPads, the students are comparing the book to the movie.

Seventh Grade, having all just finished their book group novels, will begin their first PBL (project based learning) project in the days ahead. They also will polish their personal narratives and continue working on the second writing unit, Argument Paragraphs.

All my Language Arts classes are competing to see which class can turn in the most minutes read on their reading logs. The competition began with our November 14th turn in and continues through December 12th. 


Sexto Grado ha terminado de leer Peter Pan y será pulir sus narrativas personales esta semana. El uso de una aplicación en los iPads, los estudiantes están comparando el libro a la película.

Séptimo Grado, que tiene todas las novelas de su grupo libro recién terminado, comenzará su primer proyecto PBL (aprendizaje basado en proyectos) en los próximos días. También pulir sus narrativas personales y seguir trabajando en la segunda unidad de escritura, Argumento párrafos.

Todas mis clases de Lengua y Literatura están compitiendo para ver cuál clase se puede convertir en el mayor número de minutos de lectura en sus registros de lectura. La competición comenzó con nuestro 14 de noviembre a su vez y continúa hasta el 12 de diciembre.

10/9  I have been remiss in my updates, my apologies. We've been very busy in room 109. Polishing our knowledge about story elements and plot structure has been the focus of our reading instruction in 7th grade. Our writing topics have ranged from mysterious to hilarious.

The 6th graders have been honing their summarizing skills. Also in the 6th grade we will begin reading Peter Pan this week and next week start drafting a personal narrative. The next several weeks will be filled with Peter's adventures and the telling of some of our own adventures.

Next week my 7th graders will be selecting their book group choice, choosing among four different titles, Freak the Mighty, Out of My Mind, Rules, and Wonder. All four of these books touch on the themes of tolerance and empathy; and will lead us toward our first project aimed at helping to stamp out bullying. The book groups and project combined will take us several weeks to complete. Students will also begin work on writing a memoir! Busy, busy, busy!

10/9 que he sido negligente en mis cambios , mis disculpas . Hemos estado muy ocupados en la habitación 109 . Pulir nuestros conocimientos sobre elementos de la historia y estructura de la trama ha sido el foco de nuestra enseñanza de la lectura en el séptimo grado. Nuestros temas de escritura van desde misterioso hilarante .

Los alumnos de 6to grado han estado perfeccionando sus habilidades de resumen . También en el sexto grado , comenzaremos la lectura de Peter Pan de esta semana y la próxima semana comienzo la redacción de un relato personal. Las próximas semanas estarán llenas de aventuras de Pedro y el relato de algunas de nuestras propias aventuras .

La próxima semana mi séptimo grado estarán seleccionando su libro de elección de grupo , la elección de uno de los cuatro títulos diferentes , Freak el Poderoso, fuera de mi mente , reglas y Wonder . Estos cuatro libros toque en los temas de la tolerancia y la empatía , y nos llevará hacia nuestro primer proyecto destinado a ayudar a acabar con el acoso escolar. El libro de los grupos y de proyectos nos van a pasar varias semanas en completarse. Los estudiantes comenzarán a trabajar en la escritura de un libro de memorias ! Ocupado, ocupado , ocupado !

9/13  We've survived another week! The second week brought us a block schedule that would facilitate better testing practices for our first NWEA MAP test of the 2013-14 school year. This teacher LOVES the block schedule! :)

On the days we were not testing we worked on Plot Structure in the seventh grade and completed our Text Connections lesson at the sixth grade level. Both groups have been writing in their Writer's Notebook each day, the favored prompt was a mystery prompt asking, "Why is the a door in the back of her closet?  Where do the stairs behind that door lead?"  Both groups have also been working on Paired Reading, comparing fiction texts to non-fiction texts.

Your child should have brought home a document for your signature giving your child permission to use "Google Apps". Please sign and return this as soon as possible. One of the apps student will use in language arts is the Google docs app to type their papers. If you need a new form, email me and I'll send you an attachment.

9/13  Hemos sobrevivido a otra semana! La segunda semana nos trajo un horario de bloque que facilite mejores prácticas de pruebas para nuestra primera prueba NWEA MAP del año escolar 2013-14. Este maestro AMA el horario de bloque! :)

En los días que no probaban que trabajamos Estructura Solar en el séptimo grado y completamos nuestra Conexiones Texto lección a nivel de sexto grado. Ambos grupos se han escrito en el cuaderno de su escritor de todos los días, el indicador favorito era un misterio le pregunta, "¿Por qué el de una puerta en la parte posterior de su armario? Hacer las escaleras detrás de esa puerta? Donde" Ambos grupos también han estado trabajando en Reading pareada, comparando textos de ficción a los textos de no ficción.

Su hijo debería haber traído a casa un documento para su firma da permiso a su hijo para usar "Google Apps". Favor de firmar y devolver este tan pronto como sea posible. Una de las aplicaciones estudiante usará en artes del lenguaje es la aplicación de Google Docs para escribir sus artículos. Si usted necesita una nueva forma, envíeme un correo electrónico y te enviaré un archivo adjunto.


     A great first week in room 109. Seventh grade wit is alive and well. A midst the humorous comments we busied ourselves with some writing, checking out a book or two, and the first mini-lesson in our Reader's Notebook: Story Vocabulary. 
     My sixth grade class has finally lost that "deer in the headlights" look and by Friday they all were able to find my classroom on time. We also did some laughing, a little writing, and began our Text Connections lesson in our Reader's Notebook. A visit to the Media Center in order to learn the ropes in there was also part of our first week adventure. I didn't lose a single student between the Media Center and my classroom! They do follow the leader very well. :) 
     Every one of my 150+ Language Arts students should now have a book to read for their independent reading requirements. Reading Logs will be sent home in the next two weeks. 
     For parents checking in on Pinnacle, give me a few moments and I will have this week's grades posted. I'm pretty sure your child has an "A" thus far. Thanks for sharing your child with me this year!

                     hard at work

Una gran primera semana en la habitación 109. Ingenio séptimo grado está vivo y bien. A medio los comentarios jocosos que se entretuvo a nosotros mismos con algo escrito, sacar un libro o dos, y el primer mini-lección de Notebook de nuestro Lector: Historia de vocabulario.
      Mi clase de sexto grado, finalmente, ha perdido ese "ciervo en los faros" aspecto y el viernes todos ellos fueron capaces de encontrar mi clase a tiempo. También hicimos un poco de risa, un poco de la escritura, y comenzamos nuestra Conexiones Texto lección de Notebook de nuestro lector. Una visita a la biblioteca con el fin de aprender las cuerdas de allí también fue parte de la primera semana de aventura. No perdí un solo estudiante entre la biblioteca y mi salón de clases! Lo hacen seguir al líder muy bien. :)
      Cada uno de mis estudiantes de Artes + 150 Idioma ahora debe tener un libro para leer a sus necesidades de lectura independiente. Registros de lectura serán enviados a casa en las próximas dos semanas.
      Para los padres el registro de entrada en Pinnacle, dame unos minutos y voy a tener las calificaciones de esta semana publicadas. Estoy bastante seguro de que su hijo tiene una "A" hasta el momento. Gracias por compartir conmigo su hijo este año!