Planbook (See Lesson Plans, Notes, Homework, and find out what assignments are due on any given day)
Math 6 Planbook
Math 7 Planbook
(or, go to --> Student View -->  
type in,  Password = Scott)

IXL (HW and In-Class Practice)
Most usernames are of the following format: 
U: firstinitialLastname@southhaven   (for example   jsmith@southhaven)
P: your SHPS password (sh followed by numbers)

Quizizz (Review and Quizzes)
Kahoot (Review and Quizzes)
Illuminate (Quizzes and Tests) u: first.last p: rams (temporary), then change it to your Sh HoodaMath code: 377078 Online Textbook
click "Mathematics" --> then scroll down to the last textbook: Holt McDougal Online
6th Grade 
username: student29774
password: s6v8s

7th Grade
username: student29776
password: e4a7j

If some websites are not working at school, try logging in here​  and opening the webpage in the same browser.