Mrs. Megan Washegesic
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We have 2 and a half weeks left until spring break.  Absence laps are due by March 31st for credit.  We are just beginning badminton in class.  I hope to have this unit complete by spring break.  After that, we will play pickleball - unless the weather cooperates and we can get outside!  Students should be prepared to be in or out after break.
**Students should continue to complete activity logs each week.  Please see activity log criteria if you are unsure what students should do.  

Hope you all are enjoying your 3rd week of vacation!  We WILL begin fitness assessments on Monday!  I hope you are ready to run.  We will start with Pacer, height, and sit and reach.  Stay warm and see you soon!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!  
The first semester is quickly coming to a close.  Only 3 weeks left!

When we return from break, students will have one activity log due January 7th.  We will begin our post fitness assessments that Wednesday as well.  Have a restful break, but come back ready to give your all on your fitness tests!  

All students have one activity log due December 3rd.  This gives you 14 days, instead of 7, to accumulate 210 minutes.

All PE students will have 1 activity log due January 7th following Christmas Break.  Students should be able to accumulate far more than the 210 minutes required in 21 days.  

Students have been practicing the PACER once in month in preparation for their fitness post assessments in January.   We are working hard to show improvements in our cardiovascular endurance!  

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Washegesic


I am entering my 5th year as a PE teacher at Baseline.  I have 11 years elementary Physical Education experience.  When I am not teaching, my husband, Don, and I are following our children in their athletic endeavors.  

Workout Wednesday - the day we devote to working on muscular strength and cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness.  Most often, students perform exercises at stations for one minute.  They have a 15 second transition/rest period before the next station.  This is also the day Physical Activity logs are due!  Please remember to get those signed by a parent and turned in on time.