Daily Points Criteria

Daily Points:   Students can earn 10 points per day in the following categories:


Students may earn 2 points per day by being prepared for class with appropriate attire.  Clothes for PE must be different from the clothes worn to school daily.  Students must also wear tennis shoes that are laced/tied. 

Failure to dress for class will result in an F in the gradebook every day a student is not dressed. 

First time not dressed = reminder

2nd time = reminder

3rd time = lunch learning

4th time = PASS Room (time out) and note home

5th time = PASS Room (time out), phone call home, and one-half letter Grade reduction

We highly recommend students have the following items in his/her PE locker at all times:

Tee shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, tennis shoes, a pencil or pen

Personal-Social Skills:

Students may earn up to 3 points per day by demonstrating the following personal-social skills:  responsibility, cooperation, respect for others and equipment, compassion, etc.


Students will earn 5 points per day for participation in class activities.  We are a participation class.  Half daily points will come from student participation.