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Ms. Chandler

Samantha Chandler

Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies and Education, Grand Valley State University, 2015 Minor in Elementary Certification , Grand Valley State University, 2015 Associate of General Studies, Glen Oaks Community College, 2011 I am a historian of Ancient World History with a particular emphasis on pre-history and American History emphasis on Colonial and American Revolution history as well as inequality throughout American history. This is my 5th year as a social studies educator, and my 3rd year at Baseline Middle School. I am lucky enough to teach 7th grade (Ancient World History) and 8th grade (my subject matter of passion, American History). As a teacher I have a particular interest in working with students that struggle with learning disabilities, catering to their different learning styles. I spend many hours researching and developing ways that will help my middle school students become more independent and ready for the real world. Outside of the department, I am a regional and state judge for Michigan History Day. I also am an active advocate in fighting for my students and their community. I spend time writing and calling senators/representatives and trying to change/make laws better that may impact my students, their family, and their school. As a historian my experience includes museum exhibit designs, local history, writing published research, and historic preservation. At Grand Valley State University, I was able to co-research for a project called the History of Ship Ballast. Our research was published in a journal called "Inland Seas." I also helped design an exhibit for the National Great Lakes History Museum based on this research. My favorite areas of research include Michigan History, Great Lakes History, and any history including inequality (race, class, labor, and sexuality). I also enjoy urban history including the impact of industry, company towns (lumber and mining industries especially), and inequality of these locations. At Baseline, I enjoy being the detention teacher to build relationships with the students and help students learn that making a mistake is a part of life, but learning from the mistakes is what makes you a better person. I am also the Baseline DungeonNERDS advisor, which is a group that plays Dungeons and Dragons as well as builds life skills and a safe place for our nerdy community. In my free time, I love hanging out with my family and my animals. I particularly enjoy taking my dog, Domino, on walks through nature. The lake is my favorite place to be in the whole world. Some other things I enjoy when I have free time are: working out, yardwork, fishing, reading, going to museums, playing video games, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and being a goofball with friends.